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  • Cliff Gustafson still image
    R.I.P. – Magic Cliff

    I received some disheartening news that Cliff Gustafson passed away this week. If any of you have spent time at the Twilight Exit you may......

  • 01-APTBS-15
    Top Ten Playlist for 2015

    I can’t believe 2015 is already coming to a close! This year simultaneously feels like it flew by and lasted a decade, with......

  • Dueslive
    Filming Complete for Duesenjaeger Video

    Over the past month I began filming a music video project for my close friends in Duesenjaeger, an amazing melodic Deutschpunk band from Osnabrück,......

  • couch
    180 Days

    Today marks the 180th day since my transition to Berlin from Seattle. It’s unbelievable that six months has already passed; in some ways I feel......