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Top Ten Playlist for 2016

Again another year just skyrocketed by, and I probably went to more live shows this year (without being on a long tour) than ever in my show-going history. I think this was definitely the year for synth for me; also due to the fact that I have been working on an exciting new, yet-to-be-named darkwave project that is set to debut sometime in 2017. There was so much entropy in 2016, from losing dear friends to tragedy and illness, the relative state of political instability back home and abroad… this was a dark year for me and many of my friends. Perhaps a little of that is reflected in this list as well.

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About Yesterday’s Sad Ending

The first time I met Erik Petersen was after an acoustic show he played in Clark Park after a night of Pointless Fest in Philly, on an unbelievably hot August weekend in 2005. I was on tour with my band Countdown to Armageddon, our friends Kakistocracy from Asheville, and Schifosi from Melbourne, and after the gig our friends invited us to join them to watch Erik play. Read More

Keys photo

the science of dwindling keys

my friend has this theory about keys:
that if you hold on to them after you relocate to a new place
and they no longer serve their intended use
they will form a vacuum in space
draining and sucking life from everything that surrounds them
into a black spiral of the great nothing
to twist and churn like new molasses
or corroded motor oil rotting in an engine block
a forgotten car carcass on the lawn
a vacuole in a cell that stores no water
caving itself in

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Cliff Gustafson still image

R.I.P. – Magic Cliff

I received some disheartening news that Cliff Gustafson passed away this week. If any of you have spent time at the Twilight Exit you may have seen Cliff slamming cards into the ceiling decked out in his signature tux. I had the honor of making a documentary short titled “I’m Here on Wednesdays” with Mary Chakhtoura about Cliff last year, and we hosted a little screening at the Twilight in May while he was performing there. It was our first attempt at making a movie, and he was so awesome and patient in working with us on the project. 

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