Robert Hanna | Lighthouse filming projects underway
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Lighthouse filming projects underway

I had two really great video shoots recently for The Lighthouse for the Blind, Inc.; as part of a series of three video vignettes on their employees who are blind. Each vignette will be woven into a complete piece, and performed at the organization’s Redefining Vision Luncheon in March of 2015.


The first video followed a worker who travels an astonishing 3 hour commute each way to and from work, and we documented her journey using assistive technologies to navigate her way home. We joined her for an epic journey all the way to Silverdale and interviewed her at her apartment.



The second took place in Spokane, and we interviewed the Director of Public Relations and Development (and my friend and co-worker) Shawn Dobbs about the opportunities for individuals who are blind in the inland northwest. Both shoots were a great exercise in problem solving as far as setting up optimal lighting in small living spaces. They went great and I can’t wait to finish shooting in early January so I can start editing these pieces into a cohesive whole!


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