Robert Hanna | Meisce – Spirits and Spectres CD
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Meisce – Spirits and Spectres CD

This was a photo and design project for my band Meisce, for our final release to coincide with some farewell shows we played in May of 2013. The record was titled Spirits and Spectres, and so the goal was to bring some ethereal, ghostly imagery to the release. I shot these photos of our friend Joy at two locations, Volunteer Park and the Interlaken Park in Seattle in April of 2013. I used some multiple exposures to add to the mix. Layout was done in a simple 4-panel digipak, and I continued the photo spread inside behind the CD holder.


Listen to a track here:


Design, Packaging, Photography, Print

album layout, CD layout, design, Meisce, packaging, photography, Spirits and Spectres
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