Robert Hanna | the science of dwindling keys
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Keys photo

the science of dwindling keys

my friend has this theory about keys:
that if you hold on to them after you relocate to a new place
and they no longer serve their intended use
they will form a vacuum in space
draining and sucking life from everything that surrounds them
into a black spiral of the great nothing
to twist and churn like new molasses
or corroded motor oil rotting in an engine block
a forgotten car carcass on the lawn
a vacuole in a cell that stores no water
caving itself in

there is a science to dwindling keys
each one that is removed from a ring
releasing responsibility to the next
leaving yourself behind and reforming again
like annelids, severed


the unlocking of dimensional chaos
the black hole of memory burning and
carving char marks into the oven door


swinging against your hips from a carabiner

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