Robert Hanna | Top Ten Playlist for 2014
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Top Ten Playlist for 2014

Here’s a list of the records that I jammed constantly this year while working on projects. It’s almost impossible for me to work in silence. These are in alphabetical, not particular order.

Agnes Obel – Aventine LP

An absolutely beautiful and haunting album, I discovered Agnes Obel late this year but have been totally obsessed since.

Cat Party – Cat Party LP

This Orange county 3 piece sadly disappeared, but their first LP to me is a total classic. Really good blend of garage, post-punk, and a slight dark tinge.

Hysterese – s/t LP

The second 12″ release from this Tübingen, Germany based punk quartet. I love the counter melodies with the vocals and this record is just a winner front to back.

Perturbator – Dangerous Days 2xLP

I didn’t catch on to this until November, but since then have been listening to this synth-driven masterpiece on repeat. It’s like everything I like about 80’s sci-fi/apocalypse cinema and the Drive soundtrack making out.

Protomartyr – Under Color Of Official Right LP

This Detroit-based garage/punk/lounge/post-punk group put out in my opinion the best album of the year. So obsessed with this record and particularly this song.

Rakta – s/t 7″

This Brazilian dark wave/post-punk band annihilated at their Seattle show this fall, and this two-song 7″ was really incredible. Amazing stuff; like a reincarnation of a psychedelic X-Mal Deutschland!

TacocaT – NVM LP

I saw this Seattle group open for the Coathangers this summer and was blown away by their amazing energy. Really cool sugary power pop with kind of an unexpected edge to it. I love the singer’s voice!

Wimps – Party at the Wrong Time EP

Wimps have been one of my favorite new Seattle bands for the past couple years, and this EP released earlier in the year was on constant rotation, particularly “Dog Pills,” which also has an amazing video.

Wovenhand – Refactory Obdurate LP

I’ve been a longtime fan of 16 Horsepower and Wovenhand, and this most recent release, which surprisingly came out on Deathwish, is certainly their heaviest material to date and a really impressive album. I love the cross over from post-punk, hardcore, and folk mixed with some 90’s heaviness. It’s crazy.

Youth Avoiders – LP

This Paris-based quartet belts out some seriously intense hardcore punk with a unique clean-channel, post-punk edge to it. I had the privilege of seeing them live at Get Lost Fest in Hamburg, Germany this year and the live show lived up to everything I had heard and even more.

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