Robert Hanna | Duesenjaeger music video out now
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Duesenjaeger - live photo

Duesenjaeger music video out now

After several months of work, the music video I filmed and produced for Duesenjaeger for the track “Woanders Mit Dav” is finally complete! The nice folks at have premiered the video, along with an interview and a preview stream of their new album Treibsand. It was my first attempt at a music video and was a great learning experience. It was so awesome being able to spend time with the guys at Die Tonmeisterei as they tracked what is going to be one of my favorite albums of theirs.

Many thanks to Jan, Tobi, Torben, and Lars of Duesenjaeger, Henner and Die Tonmeisterei, María for helping out and assisting, and the peeps at Schokoladen and Kastanienkeller for letting me film!




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