Robert Hanna | Filming Complete for Duesenjaeger Video
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Filming Complete for Duesenjaeger Video


Over the past month I began filming a music video project for my close friends in Duesenjaeger, an amazing melodic Deutschpunk band from Osnabrück, Germany. I first met the band in 2012 while on tour with my band Countdown to Armageddon, when the two of us played a gig together in Leipzig on a European tour. I was immediately blown away, and we became fast friends over several beers. A couple years later we would collaborate on the Duesenjaeger / Countdown to Armageddon split 7″ [which I did the photography and design for], and we did a mini tour of western and central Germany together to celebrate in 2014.



The band was recording a new full-length album at Die Tonmeisterei studio in Oldenburg, Germany with engineer Henner Henzler, and I traveled there with my lovely filming assistant / party Lujánimal, María, to begin filming material for their new song titled “Woanders Mit Dav.”  The studio was housed in an old textile factory, and provided some really interesting visual textures to work with outside of footage of the band rehearsing and tracking vocals. We spent a day cruising the streets of Oldenburg to capture a little essence of the sleepy town and its quite beautiful architecture. If you’ve never had the opportunity to check out Duesenjaeger, peep this:




After capturing footage of tracking (and being coerced into doing background vocals on one of the songs), we departed and reunited in Berlin for a two-show weekend. Duesenjaeger makes a bit of a tradition to travel to Berlin around the beginning of December, and we used the opportunity to get extra footage for the video project. Beginning at Kastanienkeller on Friday and ending at Schokoladen on Saturday [both in Prenzlauer Berg], the group played back to back gigs with local shoegaze/indie band Apostrophe.


Bass player and lead vocalist of Duesenjaeger Tobi plugging in his bass destruction machine before the gig at Schokoladen

Both gigs were completely packed, and with super fun crowds. The footage was captured purely documentary style, and I’m hoping the finished product complements the band’s awesome new material. Keep your eyes posted for the video and a new album by Duesenjaeger in the coming months!


[rh] – Berlin 07.12.2015


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